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A blog about fun art, good friends, and self-expression.

Hi! I’m Natalie. I run a quirky art and gift shop called
Visual Splat. I started this blog so you can get to know me and my store better! I’m so excited to connect with all of you.

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Have Fun With These 6 Easy Creative Activities for Adults

Ever see a DIY project on Pinterest and think “lol, I’ll just order the finished thing online, thanks”? Now I may be an artist, maker, general creative person, but even I have limits when it comes to creative activities. There’s a reason I sell wall art and paper products and not lamps and furniture. (Please…

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My Illustration Process

Did you know that Procreate takes a time lapse video of every one of your artworks? I created a montage of some of mine so you can get a glimpse into how the wheels of my illustration brain turn! As you can see I don’t do exactly the same thing every time, but it’s all…

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