Ever wonder how I come up with some of my sticker designs? A lot of them are inspired by my daily adventures (or daydreams), my friends and family, and things I love like music, animals, and TV. Here are a few stories for ya:

Beach Bear

This sticker was inspired by my mom – some of her favorite things are teddy bears, the beach, and reading. I wish I had time to read as much as she does, and she wishes she didn’t live somewhere with snowy winters.

Soccer Ball

I made this sticker in 2018 in anticipation of the World Cup. Though I grew up a sports fan, I never got into soccer until I moved to LA and especially, until I started dating my boyfriend, who is a soccer fanatic. I’ve grown to really love the game, and I especially appreciate just how much of a global sport it is.

Seltzer Set

It’s a sad day when we don’t have any fizz in our fridge. I seem to always come out on the “yes” side when it comes to divisive foods and drinks – I’m obsessed with sparkling water and seltzer (ask me about pineapple on pizza or cole slaw!). Topo Chico is of course the best, but I’m also a big fan of Polar. And most anything grapefruit-flavored. (Also, if you drink alcohol and are in SoCal – a local brewery called Boomtown has an amazing raspberry seltzer. Highly recommend.)

Pigeon Pal

As a city gal, I see a lot of pigeons. And as a bird lover, I enjoying seeing them. Sometimes, they land on my balcony and mess up my flower boxes. Sometimes they just chill on the sidewalk. At my old apartment, they practically lived outside my window. So this sticker happened. If I was a wizard I think my patronus would be a pigeon.

A Misunderstood Octopus

Everyone loves a happy octopus, right? My original inspiration for this sticker was actually the Bastille song “Pompeii” – the lyric “how am I gonna be an optimist about this” is often misheard as “how am I gonna be an octopus about this.” 😅 And that is your obscure meme lesson for the day.

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