As much as I love telling you all about my decorating adventures – from sticker display ideas to cool vinyl decals to ways of framing art – I know I still have a lot to learn myself. Luckily, I have some awesome friends who can teach me a few things!

When my friend Amy told me she was making a bulletin board to display her stickers and small art pieces, I couldn’t wait to see it. She has a much neater style than me and an amazing gallery wall in her house.

Plus, I know a lot of us struggle with what to do with stickers after we buy them. There is only so much surface space on our electronics, and sometimes it can be nerve-wracking just peeling off that backing paper and making a decision! So this bulletin board sounded like a great idea to me, and it of course turned out wonderfully.

a colorful bulletin board displaying stickers, photos, artwork, and keychains

How cool is this? I love the mixed media (and now want my own mini pennants). Also, I never even thought of adding keychains until I saw that Amy did it! Such a good idea, since I’ve been told that I keep too many things on my keys… but I still want to get more cool keychains. You could also hang ornaments, charms, or even jewelry you like but don’t wear often.

And here’s the best part for sticker collectors – all of the stickers on this board can be used again! Amy used double-sided adhesive squares and stuck them on the backing paper of the stickers to attach to the board. Each sticker is still in-tact and can have another life stuck somewhere else someday. Though I think this board would look perfect this way forever, I understand the need for a refresh from time to time!

a colorful bulletin board displaying stickers, photos, artwork, and keychains

Special thanks to Amy for the photos and inspiration! If you’re looking for stickers and small art prints to make your own bulletin board, you know my shop is always open 🙂

What ideas have you borrowed from your best friends?

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