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Ever see a DIY project on Pinterest and think “lol, I’ll just order the finished thing online, thanks”? Now I may be an artist, maker, general creative person, but even I have limits when it comes to creative activities. There’s a reason I sell wall art and paper products and not lamps and furniture. (Please don’t hold this post against me if I ever decide to sell lamps and furniture.)

Sometimes, I want to do something that fulfills all the creative energy bouncing around in me without pulling out a hot glue gun or power tools. I’m confident I’m not alone in this feeling, so here are some ideas of activities for you to do when you need to channel some creative energy!

Play with your food (also known as cooking)

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In the last 5 years or so, I’ve gotten really into cooking and baking. Not only is it a practical skill but I 100% percent believe it can be an art! You can experiment with different spices and flavors, learn a new technique, or make a pretty plate. And the best part? You have something to eat afterwards, of course.

Get creative with your space and redecorate

Knickknacks and a small painting sitting on windowsill

Okay I admit, this one might require a hammer and nails, but I believe in you. What better time is there to display those knick knacks and art prints you bought two months ago? If you move some furniture, you could even count it as a workout. I find that sprucing up my space even a little bit can really refresh my energy.

Turn a closet clean out into a fun activity and play dress up

A brown dog with big ears surrounded by a pile of clothes

It’s not just for kids! When was the last time you went through your closet for fun and not just for spring cleaning? Put together unexpected outfits and even go all out with accessories, makeup, and hairstyling if you feel so inclined.

Work your brain and creative muscles with a puzzle or board game

A hand holding illustrated cards with more cards on laid out in the background

“Creative problem solving” isn’t just a fancy phrase for your resume. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle or strategizing in a board game can be so satisfying. If you’re not feeling competitive, there are a lot of cooperative board games out there too!

Celebrate every day and plan a party

Colorful polka dot balloons against a white brick background

This one’s for the more extroverted among us. Think of all the fun things you can come up with for a themed party – decorations, favors, games, food & drink, maybe even costumes you dug out when you were playing dress up? It’s good to let loose and get a little weird sometimes!

Put your tech to good use and take cool photos

A woman peeking out from behind a smartphone as she takes a photo

The chance that you have a camera at your fingertips is pretty high. Take advantage of it and view your surroundings with a new perspective. Snap pics of whatever you find beautiful or interesting, whether you stay in or go out on a little adventure in your neighborhood! You can get your favorite photos printed or share them online.

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