Getting to know your doggos through a custom pet portrait is one of my favorite things about my work, so I thought everyone else should get to know them too!

Today, we have a whole gaggle of gorgeous gals to meet! I had the honor of drawing a pet portrait each of Zara, Willow, Coco, and Skittles. Aren’t these pups fabulous?

portrait of four dogs

Tell us about yourselves!
Zara: 1-year-old ChiPoo. I am a supawmodel. My mom is obsessed with me. Favorites are napping in our queenie bed, chewing on bones, and getting belly rubs and back scratches.

Willow: 5-year-old ShiChi. My crazy hair is fur real. I was just diagnosed with epilepsy last year, but that doesn’t stop me from playing like a puppy. I’m top dog in our house, I love being # 1!

Coco: 1-year-old Pug-Zu. I’m a su-paw-star. I live for appaws. The happiest pupper you ever did see. I shih tzu not, I can’t escape the pup-arazzi!

Skittles: 4-year-old Pug. My name is fitting because I’m sweet just like candy. I ruff my family very much. I will do anything for a treat! I love laying on my Mom’s shoulder and wrapping myself around her neck. They call me a pug scarf.

portrait of a pug shih tzu dog
Coco’s got jokes.

What’s a typical day like for you?
We wake Mommy up at 6:30 am to take us out to potty. Then we get fed breakfast, play a little, and go nap on our doggie beds. Mommy comes home for lunch and feeds us and gives Willow her medication. We chew on bones throughout the day and nap some more. We like to sunbathe on our elevated bed when the weather is nice.

four dogs laying down on a blanket
Nap Squad

What’s your favorite food?
We love baked chicken breasts, Lick’n Crunch dog cookies, and Milkbone Maro snacks.

pug eating a Puppuccino
Puppuccinos are good too.

What are your dislikes?
Our neighbor moving her trash bins out to the street, noisy neighbors, and people who are mean to animals. [I’m with you there!]

Do you have any nicknames?
Zara: Zar Zar, Zar Zar Binks, Zaucy Paws, Zazi Paws, Baby Boopers

Coco: Coco Puff, Cokie, Bulldozer, Cokers and Puff Puff

Skittles: Skit Skit, Pug Scarf, Skitties

Willow: Willy, Wonkie, Alphie

four dogs with their silly nicknames

What’s your hidden talent?
Zara likes to dance and is teaching us all a few moves. Zara is part poodle – they like to walk and dance around on their hind legs.

Coco can destroy a bone chewing it in one day. Can never have enough bones for that little girl.

Willow can unwrap a present in seconds – we have video to prove it!

And… Skittles can sniff out food like no other. [A useful skill to have.]

scruffy dog dancing with music notes

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
Warning: Cuteness overload!

scruffy dog with the warning: cuteness overload!

What makes you happiest?
We woof spending times with our mommies.

How do you feel about being turned into a magnet?
We love our magnets. What’s not to LOVE, they look just like us?! Our mommies have them displayed on our refrigerator and they admire them every day.

magnet pet portraits of four dogs

There are so many more cute pics to see on Instagram at @cocopuff_pug_zu and @zaragypsyrose so go visit them!

Want to make your pet feel like a star? Anyone who orders pet portraits – available as magnets, stickers, and ornaments – from Visual Splat has an opportunity to be featured on my blog!

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