Getting to know your kitties through a custom pet portrait is one of my favorite things about my work, so I thought everyone else should get to know them too!

Let’s chat with brothers Walter and Norbert and see if we can get them to agree on anything!

Tell us about yourselves!

Walter the cat

My name is Walter, I’m a mature 9 years old – but you’d never know it, just look at this coat – and I pride myself in being a distinguished gentleman.

Norbert the cat

Norbert: Yeah right! My older brother thinks he’s so cool, but you should see him when he doesn’t get his way! He’s got the whiniest little mew-

Walter: Brother! You insult me so. That is the song of my people, and I shall sing it when it’s appropriate and necessary to alert Mother to my-

Norbert: Anyway! I’m Norbert. I sure like being pet a lot, but I also like DESTRUCTION and CHAOS and using my tiny nimble paws for evil. Also for making muffins. I make a lot of muffins.

Norbert the cat's muffin shop
the muffin man

What’s a typical day like for you?
W: I wake up, immediately wake Mother up by headbutting her in the face, and then spend the day luxuriating in various spots in the house. My favorite place is my perfectly sized purple couch – it’s so soft! I occasionally get the urge to play! When not chasing our toys, Brother and I will often engage in some healthy sparring matches!

N: I usually just hang out until everyone else wakes up and wants to play! I let Dad know when it’s time to go outside by yelling at the door until he lets me out on the patio. They never let me out there alone though! How embarrassing. I’m like five years old, I don’t need adult supervision!

What’s your favorite food?
W: My prescription wet food, of course. I mean, is there anything else in life? Ha ha. I mean literally, is there?

N: I would have to say either chicken or salmon. Dad gives me a tiny bit when he’s cooking!

W: Excuse me?? You’re allowed to eat CHICK-

N: Next question!

Norbert and Walter eating cat food

What are your dislikes?
W: Oh it’s just the worst when I can…it causes me distress to even think of it…see the bottom of the food bowl. Completely unacceptable!

N: I HATE coming inside from being on the patio! Why can’t I just stay out there forever??

Do you have any nicknames?
W: Don’t ask me how in heaven’s name they came up with these, but mine are…Li’l Walty, Waltini, Li’l Waltini, and for SOME reason, Fatboy.

N: Mine are the best! B-Dongle, Bertle, Garbage Rat, Burbo,…

pet portrait stickers of Walter and Norbert the cats

What’s your hidden talent?
W: You know, I’ve been told innumerable times by Mother that I am, in fact, “the prettiest Walter”. Although, that’s not really a hidden talent, it’s clearly plain for everyone to see.

N: I can ring a bell to ask for food! And touch the doorknob when I want to be let outside!

W: …Oh…

N: But I mean, there can only be one “prettiest Walter”, so that’s pretty impressive, bro.

W: You’re right, Brother, it does take a lot to look this good.

the prettiest Walter
definitely the prettiest Walter

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
W: Well, mine would definitely say “Do not go more than 30 minutes without offering food and/or attention or your valuables WILL be knocked over.”

N: Mine would say “Pet at your own risk! How many pets is too many?? There’s literally no way to tell until you’re already being clawed!”

What makes you happiest?
W: Snuggling up with Mother on my special bed when we go to sleep for the night. You know, my special bed looks just like Father’s pillow…What a coincidence!

N: Going outside onto the patio with Dad! There’s so many things to look at and smell! And the sun is out there! And birds!

W:…I also must admit that snuggling with Brother brings me great joy.

N: Yeah bro! I knew you loved me!! No take-backsies!

two cats snuggling with hearts

How do you feel about being turned into a sticker?
W: I’m so honored and impressed by the craftsmanship. Mother shows off these stickers whenever she can! To everyone who will look! She says “look at my sons! They’ve been turned into stickers!”

N: I think it’s just perfect! Natalie really did a great job, and I know they make Mom really happy! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

pet portrait stickers of cats on a water bottle

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