Getting to know your doggos through a custom pet portrait is one of my favorite things about my work, so I thought everyone else should get to know them too!

Today we get to hear from superstar hound dog Emmett.

Emmett the hound dog

What’s a typical day like for you?
I like to start my day stretching out full-length and then flopping around on the floor at the end of the bed, at the top of the stairs or in the middle of the living room. Basically anywhere my humans want to walk. Then I eat my breakfast, followed by patrol around the yard, some toy tugging and a morning nap. At around 11am I start fussing for my walk.

After my walk it’s time to bark at small children arriving home from school, another nap, and some more grumbling. I eat around 5pm, do some zooms in the yard or around the house, followed by some evening fussing. I like to wrap up the day with one more short nap and another short walk.

Emmett the hound dog
All clear here.

What’s your favorite food?
In order – peanut butter, popcorn and string cheese. Recently I developed a taste for pizza after helping myself to some off the kitchen counter. In a pinch, I’ll eat a leaf.

Emmett the hound dog

What are your dislikes?
Humans ignoring me. It’s a real problem.

Emmett the hound dog
[grumble grumble]

Do you have any nicknames?
I prefer my full name – Emmet Walker, but I’m also referred to as Buddy or Bub. Doesn’t matter, I don’t answer to anyone.

Emmett the hound dog

What’s your hidden talent?
I’ve been blessed with a few. I can hear a jar of peanut butter being opened from anywhere in the house. I can find any piece of discarded gum anywhere and chew it. I alert the humans to the presence of a bug in the house by staring at it intently and batting it with my paw.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
“I WILL lick your ears if they are anywhere within my reach”

Emmett the hound dog

What makes you happiest?
Probably hiding under a chair with a new toy. I’m undetectable under there.

pet portrait magnet of Emmett the dog

How do you feel about being turned into a magnet?
I like to give the fans what they want.

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