After creating a special holiday custom cat portrait of Ben, I just had to know more about him!

close-up photo of Ben the gray cat with handwritten text that says "hey girl" with a winky face

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Benjamin or you can call me Ben!

I am my Momma’s favorite thing in the world 😻😸 I love my Momma so much but shhhh don’t tell her that! I still gotta keep up appearances of being aloof so I look cool. My grey and white fur makes me look like a penguin! I think that’s why Momma fell in love with me the instant she met me at my foster’s house.

I was named after my Momma’s “dream guy” in the comedy Parks & Rec! My Momma was OBSESSED with the character Ben Wyatt so she told herself her first pet would be named after him! Can you believe my Momma almost got a boy turtle instead of me!!! THE AUDACITY!!!!!

animated gif of Ben the cat crying because he's pretending to be hungry

What’s a typical day like for you?
My day revolves around food, treats, and naps!

I usually sleep by my Momma’s feet or the fold behind her knee. When I hear the feeder go off at 7am I run to eat my dry food (please tell my Momma it is not enough and she needs to feed me more!!!!)

I eat my wet food at random times throughout the day then walk back and forth the apartment all day and sleep wherever I feel like it. I am always on my perch at the window to look at all the peasants down walking on the street below- I am the King, didn’t you know?

Ben the cat wearing a royal-looking blue uniform

I wait for when my Momma gets off work so she can call my Lola (grandma) and give me treats while on videocall. I guess I don’t mind because I am the apple of their eyes. Then after that, I just wait for my next meal and I nap again or clean myself. Eventually my dry feeder goes off again so I am no longer starving.

At night I nap while my Momma watches TV and then I get a midnight (or 10pm) snack!

Ben the cat laying on the ground with the text "sweet dreams"

What’s your favorite food?
Chicken and tuna! And freeze-dried salmon! And the purée meat tubes!

What are your dislikes?
Being picked up and held like a baby, being told I have stinky breath, and when my Momma gets out the toothbrush or nail clippers.

Ben the cat laying down and staring into the camera with squinted eyes
I’m watching you.

Do you have any nicknames?
Benteng (after my Momma’s grandfather Vicente), Bentong (my uncle’s nickname for me), Benok (my Lola likes to call me by this funny sounding name), and Pogi (means handsome in my Momma’s native language). I mean—— that’s true so I don’t mind being called that.

What’s your hidden talent?
I can open the sliding closet doors by myself when I want to hide. I can talk back to Momma with my little meows when I feel like it. And!!! I can get my Momma to exercise when I run back and forth the apartment trying to get away from her grasp so she races after me and that’s how she gets her cardio 😹

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
There’s no half-assing in loving me. If you meet me, make sure you’re here to stay because you’ll fall in love and it will be your greatest downfall. I’m irresistible! 😼😏

Ben the cat sitting up in the sun behind some plants

What makes you happiest?
Snuggles with my Momma when we watch TV and I burrow my snoot into her crossed legs or the corner of her arms.

colorful framed illustratied cat portrait of Ben the cat with ripped up Christmas wrapping paper

How do you feel about having your cat portrait done?
Famous!! My Momma sent it to everyone whose address she knows. Kinda grumpy too because HOW ON EARTH would anyone think I am NAUGHTY??? I am NICE *smirks* and nobody can say otherwise. If I ever find out who voted “naughty” on the artist’s poll that one time, I will make sure to send them a stinky surprise!

Where can we follow you on social media?
On Instagram @cranewifepart17

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