A motto I like to follow at Visual Splat is “celebrate every day.” Maybe not literally every single day of our lives can have something that feels worth celebrating, but you know what, most can! And what’s even better than celebrating alone is celebrating with loved ones.

So I’ve compiled an incomplete list of ideas for some more uncommon reasons to send a card, give a gift, or have a little party (even if that “party” is just going to get coffee with a friend).

teddy bear on a bench


I met my childhood best friend at the neighborhood Teddy Bear Picnic (it’s a picnic you bring your teddy bears to) and we had our pictures in the local newspaper! So I know exactly when our friend-iversary is.

If your friendship wasn’t documented by a journalist, there is probably still an early event you can remember with your friend, or just check your social media memories.

As we get older, it’s so much harder to keep in touch with our friends the way we did when we were younger. Sending a card to a friend just to let them know you appreciate being in their life can make their whole day.

funny cupid card to send for a break-up or divorce


This isn’t the time to tell your pal that you actually hated their partner, but when someone breaks free of a bad relationship, that is something to celebrate! Or at the very least, you have the opportunity to cheer them up while they go through a messy, exhausting, and/or tumultuous time in their lives.

handing in a resignation letter
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Quitting your job

This isn’t about “quiet quitting” – which I personally call “performing your job as is expected of you without overworking yourself.” This is about breaking free of a different bad relationship. I don’t think I know anyone who has never gone through a rough patch with their career.

So if you know someone who has either made it through the grueling process of getting a new job in order to leave their old one, or is striking out on their own from a toxic workplace, it would be really comforting and meaningful for them to know that you support them.

HBD balloons

Half birthday

Some people are into it, some people aren’t. Be in the fun part of the group.

Half birthdays are especially fun before a big milestone like turning 30!

ice cream illustration

Any modern “holiday”

Ice Cream Day. Talk Like a Pirate Day. SEND A CARD TO A FRIEND DAY. If you really need an occasion to send someone special a special something (say that again), there is a celebration going on literally every day. Search for something like “social media holidays” and you’ll find huge lists.

a sweet dog card to send to celebrate a new pet

Getting a new pet

Pets are family, and a new addition to the family is exciting! It can also be a tricky transition period as everyone adapts to new routines, especially if it’s a young animal that needs extra care. Getting a sweet card welcoming the fur baby would be delightful. (Be sure to send it to the human, since most animals can’t read.)

asphalt highway time lapse photography at nighttime
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Being a DD

As rideshares get more unreliable and expensive (at least where I live), we might have to go back to having designated drivers more often.

And as someone who is often a DD, I would love to be shown some gratitude. In the form of presents.

hands holding a video game controller

Finishing a video game

If you think this sounds ridiculous, you have obviously never spent 80 hours playing an open world RPG. If you’re close enough with someone to know that they’re making their way through side quests and boss fights, then you’re close enough to send them a card telling them you’re glad they saved the kingdom or whatever. Personally I would crack up if a friend congratulated me on finishing a long game. (Right now I’m playing Breath of the Wild, will keep you updated.)

a punny card to send someone encouragement


A message of love and encouragement is always welcome! Any time you are thinking of someone and want to send them a feel-good message is a reason to celebrate, in my opinion.

What to Do Now

Yay! If you’ve decided that you want to celebrate more often, you might need some cards. My email crew gets access to my free printable library with tons of greeting cards! Sign up here and you’ll be able to save and print your cards instantly.

And if you like the ideas on this list of uncommon reason to send a card, go ahead and save it to your happiest Pinterest board:

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