Printable cards are awesome, right? They’re convenient for you and thoughtful for others. But if you’re not well-versed in paper crafts, you might wonder why you can’t get a perfect crease when folding your freshly printed cards. Not to worry, I can show you how! And without any crazy new tools either.

What we’re going to do with the card stock is called scoring (but not like a touchdown.) Basically you make a little indentation on the card stock where you’re going to fold it, and that helps the fibers of the paper move in the right direction.

(I would say this process is more important if you’re using thick material like card stock but you’re welcome to lightly score regular printer paper too!)

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

a ruler and a book to use as a straight edge
Straight edges

All you really need is a straight edge (like a book or ruler) and something with a dull but pointed edge. Could be a butter knife, pen cap, maybe even the corner of a thick credit or gift card. I’ve even used the end of a pair of headphones, if you have the old school kind that still plug in.

various household objects you can use for scoring
Makeshift scoring tools (you just need one)
 a cute pencil
Just a little pencil against the world.

A ruler and a pencil are also helpful if you want to measure more precisely. Which leads us to…

Step 2: Measure

measuring where to fold your printable card

Using a ruler or your own eyes and brain, find the halfway point on your paper – aka where you will be folding the card. Make a small mark on the edge with a writing utensil if you can.

Line up your ruler/straight edge so that your tool will be able to run along the halfway point. (What I mean is, your straight edge might have to be slightly to the side of the halfway point, to give the tool room to work.)

Step 3: Score!

scoring a printable card
Ready, set, score.

Holding your straight edge down securely so the paper won’t slip, take your tool/random object, and press it down on the paper while moving it down along the straight edge, so that you make an indentation. You just scored!

Step 4: Fold

Get that fold nice and crispy.

You can now fold your card along the score line you created. Press down on the fold with your ruler or fingernail to make the crease even crisper.

Step 5: Deliver Your Card

Now you can make someone’s day with the cool printable card you got for them!

celebration printable card by Visual Splat

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